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Child Seat Installation in Hertford Taxis, Insuring Your Child Safety

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Child seat - Herts Airport Taxi

Child Seat Installation in Hertford Taxis, Insuring Your Child Safety

In pre-booked Hertford taxis, your children must be protected. This short blog post emphasises taxi companies’ obligation of care in this area. It should help parents, guardians, and carers book taxis that keep kids secure and happy. Not all taxis in Hertford, mini cabs, private hire, or solo drivers transport children under 12. So, parents may be discouraged from using a competitive taxi service for airports or unaware of UK child restraint laws.

Welwyn-based Hertford taxis has solved this problem by purchasing many new kid seats for their pre-booked taxis, which customers can use for free if they notify the office upon booking. Availability is reserved for longer-distance taxi bookings (20 miles or more) booked 24 hours in advance, generally for taxi service for airports, sea ports, large train stations, and day trips to the coast. Clients can bring their booster seats and child seats.

Law for Child Seat

Any youngsters under 12 and 135cm must wear a car seat. Since September 2006, all children under three must use a child restraint when travelling in a car, even in the back of a taxi if one is unavailable! It’s dangerous! 

Children over three and under 135cm must use a kid restraint.

Hertford taxis recommends using a kid seat for children under 4 and under 135cm on extended trips like taxi services for airports. Also, rear-facing baby seats cannot be used in seats with front airbags unless they are deactivated. Knowing which airbags are deactivated in a new car is difficult.

A front-seat child restraint is required for children under three.

Child seats must meet UN ECE Reg 44.03 or later.

However, regulation 129 allows child seats from April 2015. (i-Size).

Taxi drivers must use seat belts and restraints.

Taxis In Hertford

Taxis in Hertford offers our young customers taking taxi rides to the airport and other important trips. This group 1 seat is for 9-month-olds to 4-year-olds, 9-18kg. This child seat fits ISOFIX and 3-point seat belts. The Britax Pivot Link Technology reduces frontal movement in accidents in this kid’s seat.

Our drivers are experienced, so we don’t expect an accident, but you can’t always account for other road users. Thus we encourage child seats, especially on longer trips to and from the airport.

Road Accidents Facts

AA again provides road accident prevention information. British roads kill or injure 5,000 children under 16. The AA reports that lower-income children are five times more likely to be killed on the road. The reason is unclear.  185 under-5s died or were seriously injured in passenger cars in 2001. A car crash seldom injures children in properly equipped rear-facing kid seats.

Fitting a Child Seat in Hertford Taxis

If you want to examine your taxi driver’s installation of the Britax DUO PLUS child seat you ordered from Hertford taxis, use these easy points.

Clip the child seat insertion guidelines’ ISOFIX fastening points to the upward-pointing ISOFIX points between the rear passenger seat’s backrest and seat.

The green handle on the seat back pulls the connectors as far as they will go. ISOFIX locking arms click into clips! Both sides of the seat should now have green safety buttons. Check the seat’s firmness by pulling both sides.

The DUO PLUS is compatible with non-ISOFIX cars, but they’re rare since ISOFIX cars and child seats don’t need seat belts. Adjust the shoulder belts to height or higher when installing the child seat. Shoulder belts must not run behind the youngster or above the ears.

Your Hertford taxi driver will properly adjust the shoulder belt heights.

The buckle tongues click together and into the buckle.

Pull the kid’s seat belt end towards you to tighten the harness. The buckle and straps should be near the youngster.

Safety Measures

1-Make sure the car seat is securely fastened.

2-The connector-equipped seat shell is ISOFIX-fastened on both sides.

3-Child seat belts are near the body without confining the youngster.

4-Correctly adjusted shoulder belts

5-The shoulder pads fit the child.

6-Untwisted belts

7-The buckle tongues latch in the buckle housing to keep the child safe and pleased!


Pre-booked Taxis in Hertford for taxi services for airports are competitive. Our fares to and from airports and transit hubs are competitive with other taxi and taxi companies. Hertford taxis provides free child safety seats for children under four years old and under 135 cm tall.

Taxi services for airports and important airports such as Heathrow, Luton, London, Gatwick and Stansted. We take up customers from Welwyn, Hitchin and Hertfordshire.

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